Make Java Great Again!

New Java SDK release is out!

Not many features that sounds interesting to us. It is good that Java is being updated more frequently, but it still seems that it is playing catch up with Kotlin and C#. Switch statements are good addition but when will someone rewrite the JPA ? Defining is some relation eager or lazy at the class level is totally stupid. JPA could learn a thing or two from Entity Framework and LINQ. In database access LINQ is the best thing since sliced bread!

”Code is not poetry”

I have been stumbling on phrase ”code is poetry” and somehow this irritates me a lot. Code is not poetry and should not be. Code should first and foremost simple and easy to maintain. I think that this industry does not need ”coder superstars” because software building is a team effort.

One blog that I read, made the point that for example in JavaScript you write same expression in multiple ways. Even if you can does not mean that you should. Code is not art and it does not have any meaning without the context.

I have been fascinated with mechanical watches lately. In this day and age something that has been made to last is really intriguing. I think that our software industry could learn something from this. We shouldn’t focus on writing ”poetry like code” but instead build long lasting systems and take pride of building something that is maintainable and simple.